We are a Brisbane based company supplying integrated services, not just translations, since 1986.

We understand how different cultures interact and how language works in a global context.

We provide consultation on appropriate formats and content for importers, exporters and government organizations.

Our comprehensive range of services for production of print, audio and visuals is available in all Asian, European and Eastern languages.


Certified Translations

Multilingual DTP

Cross-Cultural Research

Fast, comprehensive and dependable communications – not just translations!

Export , business, migration, legal and technical documentation.

Certified translation services in formats approved by Commonwealth and State Governments.

Cross-Cultural Research and Community Consultation.

Design, testing and production of multilingual information and educational material for ethnic communities.


Graphic Design



Digital Prepress

Audiovisual Production

In-house capabilities for graphic design, illustration, conventional and digital photography, digital pre-press, high resolution output for offset and flexographic print.

Digital colour printing in A4, A3 and large display formats.

Multilingual signage for airports, hospitals, hotels, transport and convention centres.

Specialized services for multilingual audiovisual production, bilingual scripting, subtitling and voice overs for professional presentations and post production.


Trade and Export Facilitation

Packaging and Labels

Technology Transfer

Market research, brand localization and product repositioning for overseas markets.

Production of export packaging and labels in English and foreign languages.

Technical documentation for :

Catalogs for assembly & maintenance

Operational procedures

Manufacturing guidelines

Quality control manuals

Databases and special forms

Multilingual CAD.

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